About Us

Welcome to Hostaria restaurant at Sorano village!
Sorano village is an ancient small town with a history ranging from the Etruscans and Roman times. Although there are many ups and downs in its history, when you coming to this town, you still have a chance to see much old architecture which is still in a good condition. There are some famous places such as the Orsini fortress or the Masso Leopoldino where you can have a panoramic view of this old town. They are sure all worth your visiting.
Sorano is well famous for local specialities made from diaries such as goat cheeses and hams. There is a wide variety of ham which you can all try in a celebration in August every year called “The Feast of Ham”. In this festival, Sorano people will have a feast with all kinds of ham and offer visitors to enjoy with them.
There are also some very good restaurants in Sorana and Hostaria is proudly one of them.  We serve traditional and wholesome meal with fresh and local ingredients. Come dining with us and you will enjoy the very traditional and special cuisines of Sorano as well as Tuscany regions.