How to Make the Best Fresh Pasta

Pasta and spaghetti are one of the most iconic and well-known dishes which are originated from Italian cuisine. You can cook and eat them in various sauces and meat. There is also a wide range of herbs and cheese that can be added to a pasta dish.

However, the main ingredient is always pasta. The quality of pasta can largely determine the taste of a dish. Therefore, you should always choose the best pasta to cook.

There are many brands and shops that sell different kinds of pasta and spaghetti. There are some that offer very good quality and some are not. The best way to ensure you can have the freshest and most delicious pasta is to cook it yourself.

If you make pasta before, you will have a good knowledge that the ingredients and cooking steps are so simple. You can hardly ruin your batch of pasta. However, if you want to improve your skills in cooking pasta, there are several hints and tips that you can do the make the tastiest and delicious pasta.

Here is what you need to know to make the best fresh pasta:

1. The Dough

There are 3 main types of flours with are used to make pasta dough, which are semolina, all purpose and the 00 flour. They have different characteristics and therefore, will require different amount of water, eggs and salt.

Make sure you know about their characteristics as well as their requirement and specific techniques. Try your best to remember what you should add with a specific kind of flour to make pasta.

Semolina flour will make your pasta have a rougher shape and texture. The rough surface of the pasta will help the pasta sauce to stay on them more and for a longer time.

00 flour on the other hand, will create silky pasta.

All-purpose flour is the most common flour in most of the kitchens. The pasta made from this type of flour is not so soft but not so rough also.

2. Egg and Water

Water is the substitution of eggs in case you don’t want to add eggs into your dough. They are responsible for creating the moisture and hydration level of your pasta.

With water, whole egg, white and yolk, you can create different batches of dough with different moistures. Also they will appear with different colors and offers different tastes.

If you only add water, the outcome will be bland and watery. If you add white, you will get the same result of texture but a slightly enhanced flavor in comparison with adding water.

Adding yolk into your dough will help your pasta to have a nice bright yellow color and a better, flavorful taste. However, adding yolk will means that the pasta will be slippery and the chance of raising bad cholesterol level will increase.

So you can have the option of adding the whole eggs so that the result will have a nice color as well as flavor and texture.

If you think that your dough is quite dry, don’t add more water. You should use oil instead to prevent you dough from being blanch and tasteless.

3. Salt

Some may underestimate the importance of salt in raw pasta as they can add salt later on while cooking with pasta source.

However, with a pinch of salt, your batch will become tastier from both inside and outside and the salted paste will be cooked quicker. Also it is better to add salt directly into the dough rather than to the boiling water.

As you can see, in fact there is no recipe for perfect pasta. Also there is no method which is the only and best way to create pasta.

You can make pasta with eggs or with no eggs. You can also make with white, yolks and the whole eggs. Also the time and quantity of oil and salt will be varied depending on different types of flour. It is best that you can decide how to make pasta based on your preference as well as experience. Don’t reply too much on the recipe you take out from book and on the internet.

Also it will be a good chance for you to have fun and boost your creativity by trying to add different new ingredient and method to make pasta.

That is all you need to know about cooking the best fresh pasta. I hope you can learn something new from this article and will be able to apply them into your cooking next time. I also hope that you will see a significant improvement in your pasta and you will enjoy it more than you do now.

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