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How to keep fresh tomatoes with highest quality for making pasta sauce

The tomato is a tuber used very common for making pasta sauce. But how can choose to buy the delicious tomato is a problem that is not yet well known housewives. And how to preserve your tomatoes with the highest quality? Here also is the question of many housewives. Read my share below will help answer most of your questions. Here, I would like to share with you an easy and effective way to preserve the quality of your tomatoes, as well as your homemade tomato sauce; which method is food vacuum sealing. Extremely simple, with one vacuum sealer and plastic bags that you can keep fresh tomatoes in the fridge long term. You can also preserve jars of tomato sauce in your fridge in long time with only a handheld machine. You can choose a cheap model like foodsaver v2244 vacuum sealing system for your kitchen (more info at http://vacuumsealeradviser.com/food-saver-reviews/foodsaver-v2244).

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