Broccoli pesto pasta recipe

Spaghetti and pasta are the famous dish that anyone mentioning Italy all know. Over time, this dish are diverse variations according to the taste of each person. Pasta pesto dish is rich in nutrition. Pesto sauce originated from the North of Italy, It has a multitude of usage: sweep up fresh bread with a slice of tomato and a spoonful of cream cheese, icing up pizza, mixed with pasta.

1/ Pesto Sauce Recipe

– This pesto sauce dishes very much the type of pasta. This sauce was kind of grind from coriander and olive oil, when mixed into the pasta will help the noodles taste like vegetables, aromatic massage.Those abstaining from meat, not like cream sauce, pesto sauce type of trial may be made from cilantro. This dish is also suitable for hot summers.
– Raw material for making this pesto sauce dishes include: Basil, roasted pine nuts 100 g aromatic, 70 g parmesan cheese powder, minced garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper 185ml.
– For all the raw materials into the Blender except olive oil and cheese. Finely grind or just mix with each other depending on your preference. During the grind, for oil from from on and grind. Until the oil blend into the mixture before you grind to a halt. For the oil and cheese into grind all again. Try spices to taste.
– Pesto sauce made from fresh ingredients should be used within a few hours after work. Or for the sauce pesto into a box, covered with little olive oil over the surface to keep the green color longer. Can be refrigerated for 3 days. Can give away vacuums and then put in the freezer, use best within 6 months.
– This is the traditional pesto or see in the clip cooking western dishes. Pesto is used quite a lot. the raw materials such as basil, garlic normal to raw then quite pungent hard to eat but when pureed, magic will happen. Science shows that when the plant is cut, the new smell molecules that will be created when the enzymes alive effect with the air. This is more delicious dishes but also do it quickly damaged due to oxidation. To slow this process, we can cook up to neutralize the effect of enzymes.

2/ Pasta Pesto Recipe

– Pasta can be combined with many other ingredients to produce dishes that are full of different nutrients. Broccoli contains more nutrients to the body. Especially good for women. Pasta pesto sauce and broccoli dish is rich in nutrients, gives you a healthy skin, stretch the overflowing vitality. This dish is very suitable for dieters and meat diets…
– Raw materials for pesto pasta recipe include: fresh pasta, vegetables, basil, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, parmesan cheese.
– How to make this dish is quite simple. You boil water with a little salt. The broccoli was washed, remove the external part, then chopped up taste, into the pot of boiling water for 3 minutes. When broccoli has been cooked, remove to drain and cook together for fresh pasta. Basil vegetables soaked in water. In a pan, the oil and the garlic, chilli, add the stems and leaves of broccoli and mix well.
– When the material was completed. For garlic and broccoli were cooked in large mixing bowl, add the pesto sauce and remaining ingredients to mix well. Try spices to taste. Clean up disks that covered more 1 grade cheese if you like. So you’ve done the right delicious recipe pesto pasta dishes of Italy.

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