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Fresh Spaghetti – Our Special Food

Spaghetti no longer novelties to many people. This is a popular dish of Italian cuisine, delicious wheat fibers with supple , tomato sauce along with beef is marinated in spices very great. Only with these simple ingredients: eggs, flour, salt… you can make out the strands of spaghetti, fresh spaghetti, family-safe. If you have a supple, strong enough, the DIY fresh spaghetti will be very simple, not necessary or in case you can not out to Italian restaurant called the spaghetti noodles to enjoy.

To make fresh spaghetti at home is not difficult, but how to preserve them with good quality for the next few days? A good way is to your fresh spaghetti in a container and then suck out the air in it before putting in your refrigerator. Want to do that you must have a food vacuum sealer. For more helpful tips, we introduce you to the reviews on best vacuum sealer 2016.

1. Raw Materials Need for Fresh Spaghetti:

  • Flour, eggs, salt, olive oil.
  • Rolled dough tool, a flat surface clean, large mixing bowl.
  • Zip bags or clean towel to annealing powder.

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