What are the health benefits of eating spaghetti?

Spaghetti is noodles form small round yarn, made from a type of semolina flour and water. Are the Arabs introduced into Italy, the original spaghetti is eaten as dried food, eaten by hand. After the introduction of tomatoes, pasta became wet form food and people are forced to use a fork. Usually eaten spaghetti with tomato sauce, this sauce can have many types of herbs such as oregano, basil, olive oil, or meat. People also often sprinkle more some sort of cheese pecorino romano, parmedan as grind, and asiago. Spaghetti is one of the indispensable dish in the menu of the Italians.

1/ Spaghetti Dish Is Highly Addictive Properties

– There are about 30 million people in Italy, equivalent to half the population of the country, especially the addiction of traditional Italian dishes such as pizza or spaghetti, also with about 18 million people in Italy, the cook the traditional food in Italy is known as a great pride. That is the figure given in the report named “the cuisine of Italy and” that the research center on social investment (censis), an organization that studies social and economic prestige of Italy, announced at the world exhibition EXPO in Milan.
– According to the report, the Italian people feel proud of the diverse cuisines, rich and rich culture substance as well as the elements of their regions and regarded as a national identity. Thus, there is no surprise that one of the major Italian people’s passion is eating and they love to eat delicious.
– The report also said that more than 12 million people in Italy can cook good, but not quite understanding the composition of traditional dishes and culinary information. 4 million people in Italy are experts themselves when to the kitchen. 19 million people in Italy much-loved wine, including nearly 2 million who are experts on wine.
– The study also pointed out, wine is a national theme in Italy, a social issue, an important factor in my life, the culture and character of Italy. However, a serious problem is referring to is the economic crisis that lasted from late 2007 to date have made more than 2 million people in this country cannot afford to buy sufficient food required number, gain more than 1 million people before a crisis occurs.

2/ Some Basic Rules When Eating Pasta

– Which is one of the most famous dishes in the world, the spaghetti was also contained in distinct ways of enjoying it without anyone knowing. Enjoy this dish seem to become more simple when spaghetti is increasingly popular in all over the country. However, with the gourmet food, then nothing by enjoying a delicious spaghetti dishes properly. Because with them, eating the right plays a very important role in the full enjoyment of the taste of each dish.
– Eat properly played an important role in the full flavor enjoyment of spaghetti.┬áThere is a basic and important things for when you enjoy the spaghetti which is rather use spoons then you should use a fork. Use spoon to eat spaghetti are considered the worst way in Italy as well as other European countries.
– However, using a fork to enjoy spaghetti also need to follow some basic principles. First, you skewer fork into wheat fibers vertically straight from the top down and then start to rotate clockwise light clock to roll the yarn pieces. Then, insert the fork up to about 25 cm to separate the strands of wheat on the fork with disc. Next, gently rotate the fork quick to roll the strands neat pieces and put into the mouth.
– A different method also used the coil that is common wheat fibers right on your disk. With this method, you only need to skewer and rotated slightly the fork to take a small amount of wheat in the disk. To roll the noodles easier, you can thanks to the help of spoon and spatula to a 90 degree angle compared to the fork to the retrieved pieces are quick and neat.

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