Daily Archives 14/08/2016

The Emblem of Italian Cuisine – Spaghetti

When prompted to Italy we remembered the landscape with its unique architecture, Italy is regarded as a fashion capital with the most famous fashion world. And when it comes to the country to have a picture of this Mediterranean we also can not forget itself is also the cradle of a culinary background has influence beyond the continent. Culture, as well as Italian cuisines, were influenced and inheritance of the achievements of the ancient Roman civilization. From a handmade primitive agriculture, who has made a breakthrough when created the methods of preparation, preservation, and transportation of goods. At this time, the salt is very valuable when used as a catalyst to preserve food and spices used mainly for every dish.
The Italian suffered a period of foreign invasions, marks a transition when a series of new dishes and many new materials from imported foreign, contributed to making Italian cuisine as varied a lot richer. Of which are sugar, spices, raisins and fruits by the Arabs in the south. Today, olive oil, tomatoes, and garlic are the raw materials are mainly used for the dishes of Italy most of the dishes we all have to face, especially homemade indispensable tomato sauce.

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