Some Interesting About the Ham Festival at Sorano

“Ham Festival – international cuisine,” is not only with the many other activities that make up a special Festival program, scale but also on the cultural association. A Festival of culinary cultural convergence of the countries of the world. This is a festival that promises many interesting things for domestic and foreign visitors. Cultural Ham festival – Sorano international cuisine which is held in August every year in the area of the southern Tuscany in Italy country.
Ham cultural festival – Sorano international cuisine is one of the ancillary activities are intended to contribute to more festive atmosphere for the contest Italian culture cuisine. There are so many time when a cultural activity – international cuisine was held in Sorano to introduce to the people and visitors the beauty of culture and cuisine typical of the countries attending the competition culture cuisine.

  1. The First Interesting Things Of The Ham Festival

     Discover the culinary specialties of paradise in cuisine of Italy and known as the entertainment and dining paradise turned for Italy, Sorano nightlife every bustling and lively scholarship than ever. After these hours, young people today tend to choose for themselves the locations have space beautiful, delicious food, comfortable sending the fun with friends, colleagues. If you would like to explore new places and nostalgic cuisine of Italy, then please step to the some restaurant in Sorano to experience, taste the fresh and cool bar by the sea through the central festival.
      Meat of wild birds and animals such as wild boar, hares, deers, pheasants are often used to prepare the dishes pappardelle. The desserts in the region include panforte (a main ingredient is honey, fruits and nuts), ricciarelli (Almond biscuits with sugar, honey and egg whites), and cavallucci (biscuits with almonds, candied fruit, coriander, flour, honey).
  1. Sicily – A Special Thing Of The Ham Festival

          Sicily retain traces of all the cultures are established on the island, the food of Sicily also has affected Spain, Greece and Saudi Arabia. The wine was brought to Greece. The ancient Romans introduced lavish dishes based on goose meat. Sweet and sour flavors supported by the Byzantine and Arab people have put sugar, citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, melons, rice, saffron, nutmeg, clove, black pepper, cinnamon.
  1. The Attraction Against Tourist

Although taking place in a small time period but has attracted the participation of special guests. Ham food festival at Sorano took place as a point of cultural exchange between Italy and many person national all over the world, this is also the opportunity for the Italian brand offering the pictures for many countries in Europe as well as Asian countries.
When coming to the festival, attendees will experience exciting activities such as: enjoy the Sorano cuisine by the professional chefs work in the famous Italian restaurant, was into the music program and attend the spin of luck won the valuable prizes : the average hot water Ferroli, piaggio motorbike or some things like that through the activity of you have a very meaningful charitable gifts for the difficult circumstances in life.

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