The Brief History of Sorano

Sorano is a small town which belongs to the province of Grosseto in Tuscany region in Italy. This is a hilly town that is located on top of a picturesque and completely intact hill.
The most products in Sorano is cheese, sausages and some handcrafts artifacts land pottery.Although being a small town and having little impact on the tourism industry of Italy, this town still has hidden germs that once you discover, you will never forget it. Before you get to know about these hidden germ, I think you should know something about Sorano history so you can understand it a bit more.

Here is a brief about history of Sorano:

Origins of the name Sorano:

When studying the origin and history of Sorano, scientists found a name of a noble family called “Soranus”. Soranus is also a cult that used to be practiced in the places which are mountainous and hard to get in. There is also another theory that Sorano is a word to describe the cemetery around the village where people in Sorano live today. The origin and meanings of the word Sorano, hence still a mystery to any people who want to dig deeper and know more about its name.

Its Citizens:

Residents came to this town from Etruscan time in the Bronze Age. After the Etruscans, Romans came in and conquered the place.
The lords of Sorano were the Aldobrandeschi, the Counts Orsini, the Republic of Siena and, finally, the Grand Duchy of Tuscany with the Medici.

ItsĀ Timeline:

Because the Sorano town is located in a steeply hill near the river Lente, therefore importance of Sorano in the Middle Ages was clearly due to military reasons. There are still traces of a fortress called Orsini, which was used for guarding around the town. Below the fortress is the village the Sorano, like any ancient towns, was developed around the castle.
After a village appeared, cemeteries, roads and religious sites soon followed to be built around towns.
There were people coming from Etruscan area and then people from Rome. After the Rome’s domination, in 862, a county was founded by the Aldobrandeschi family.
In 1417, this small town was defeated by the Republic of Siena.
In 1556, the town gained its freedom and in 1604, the town became part of the Duchy of Tuscany region.
In 1801, there was a large landslide that destroyed half of the town. The Church of Santa Caterina, which was located on the top of the hill, was also demolished. There are also several landslides happening around that time, resulted in a smaller town as we know today. The areas which are affected by the landslides is called “The Old Fortress” by the people living in Sorano.
The Sorano town was then united in Tuscany and became a part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1860.
To conclude, the Sorano town you know today has a very long and deep history, stretching from the Etruscan and Roman times. It has medieval origin which can still be seen in its architecture and old buildings around town. If you fancy a quite village with a medieval history whose some buildings are still intact, you can come to Sorano and explore it.

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