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The Brief History of Sorano

Sorano is a small town which belongs to the province of Grosseto in Tuscany region in Italy. This is a hilly town that is located on top of a picturesque and completely intact hill.
The most products in Sorano is cheese, sausages and some handcrafts artifacts land pottery.Although being a small town and having little impact on the tourism industry of Italy, this town still has hidden germs that once you discover, you will never forget it. Before you get to know about these hidden germ, I think you should know something about Sorano history so you can understand it a bit more.

Here is a brief about history of Sorano:

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An Introduction to the Cuisine and Travel of the Tuscany Region

Italy, a country in Europe, is famous for its history, its beautiful landscapes and its traditional food. One of the most well-known regions in Italy which attracts many tourists each year is Tuscany. Let find out more about its cuisine and travel.


Tuscany in Italian is Toscana. The region locates in the central of Italy. By the West of Tuscany region, you can see long beautiful beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea and by the North; you can view the Apennine Mountains and the Apuan Alps.

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